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Why use MTD Express?

What is MTD for VAT?

  • The governments process of making all accounts records and reporting digital.
  • The first step in this process is making tax digital for VAT. The idea is to streamline the reporting process and reduce the potential for human error.
  • This step only applies to sole traders and Ltd. Companies who are registered for VAT. It isn’t compulsory for those who are voluntarily registered.
  • Under MTD for VAT all VAT related transactions must be recorded digitally and your VAT return submitted via an API
  • This is where MTD Express comes in, providing a set of low cost easy to use tools that will help you comply with the new rules, without the need for costly upgrades

MTD 123 VAT Filer

  • Submitting your VAT return from your existing accounting software or spreadsheet is as easy as 123
    1. Extract your standard VAT report from your system in Excel, csv or txt format
    2. Upload to the MTD 123 VAT filer
    3. Submit your return using the MTD 123 VAT filer API
  • Send us your current system VAT report so that we can add it to our library of files, click on the link to see what files are currently in the library and upload a sample of yours if it is not.
  • Click on our YouTube channel to see how easy it is to submit your return using the 123 VAT filer

Which service is right for your business

  • Use the MTDExpress  "123 VAT filer" to submit your VAT return file from your current accounting system
  • Send us your VAT report from your system, we can process Excel, CSV or TXT files
  • One of the key requirements of MTD for VAT is that from April 1st 2019 you will have to keep digital accounting records.
  • Complete the questionnaire below to find out which of our services is best for your business
  • Remember you can carry on using your current software all you need is our BASIC bridging subscription. YOU DO NOT NEED TO UPGRADE YOUR CURRENT SYSTEM

Additional services

  • HELP DESK - If you keep manual paper records and can't face the prospect of changing how you work don’t worry we can help you comply click on the Help me comply link below to find out more
  • GROUP REGISTRATION - If you have a group registration we have a low cost solution for you; click on the link in the group registration box below to find out more
  • EXPERT CONSULTING - Patch in to our network of VAT consultants for help with more complex VAT planning and problems


  • Many of your clients are worried about how MTD will affect them
  • MTD Express has solutions for your clients who operate under the following schemes 
    • Margin Scheme
    • Global Accounting
    • Retail Scheme
  • In addition we have software to help your clients who still maintain their records manually become MTD compliant
  • All these solutions are low cost and low impact on your clients business
  • Contact us to arrange a call to discuss how we can help


If you need help to complete your VAT return or are just pressed for time, buy some help credits and our team of specialists can step in.

  • Help using the Bridging Software
  • Finalise your transactions into a VAT return and process for you
  • Create your electronic records
Contact Help Desk


On occasion you may have a more complex requirement to deal with

  • VAT planning for a construction project
  • VAT investigation
  • Partial exemption issues

We have a panel of VAT experts who can give you the advice and help you need.

Contact an Expert


Group registrations are not required to follow MTD for VAT until 1st October 2019

  • However, you can take advantage of our offer to process group returns free of charge for groups that participate in the HMRC pilot phase.
  • Once live the cost will be reasonable and will require minimal change to your current processes.

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