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IDGenreSource Accounting VendorSource Accounting PackageSource Accounting VersionDescriptionAdded DatePublic NotesLive
18MS ExcelAdvanced Computer Software GroupExchequer 20182018Advanced Exchequer 201802/05/2019 
29MS ExcelBGV SolutionsBGV Solutions Ltd V1.4V1.4BGV Solutions Ltd V1.428/08/2019 
3TextCaliachCaliach VisionV5Caliach Vision V5 - .TXT11/02/2019 
2MS ExcelCashFlowCashFlowGeneric V1CashFlow V1 - .XLS11/02/2019 
14MS ExcelEFACSEFACS EnterpriseRelease 8.2.x.xEFACS Enterprise 8.2.x.x - .XLS08/03/2019 
13TXTIntegrity SolutionsEvolution MXV7.7.0Integrity Solutions - Evolution MX - V7.7.0 - .TXT07/03/2019 
19MS ExcelIntuitQuickBooks2006Intuit QuickBooks 2006 - .XLS28/05/2019 
25MS ExcelIntuitQuickBooks2008Intuit QuickBooks 2008 - .XLS22/07/2019 
1MS ExcelIntuitQuickBooks2016Intuit QuickBooks 2016 - .XLS11/02/2019 
4MS - Standard Template - V1 - .XLSX11/02/2019 
15CSVSageSage 50V11Sage 50 V11 - .CSV02/04/2019 
26MS ExcelSageSage 50 Accounts Essentials2012Sage 50 Accounts Essentials 201224/07/2019 
24TextSageSage 50 Accounts ProfessionalV23Sage 50 Accounts Professional V23 - .CSV15/07/2019 
31MS ExcelSageSage Cloud 50 V27V27Sage Cloud 50 V2718/08/2021 
20CSVSageSage Instant Accounts2011Sage Instant Accounts 2011 - .CSV05/06/2019 
12CSVSageSage Instant Accounts2013Sage Instant Accounts 2013 - .CSV05/03/2019 
23TextSageSage Instant AccountsV18 to V20Sage Instant Accounts V18 to V20 - .TXT03/07/2019 
11CSVSageSage Line 100 Sage Line 100 - .CSV18/02/2019 
5MS ExcelSageSage Line 50V16+Sage Line 50 - .XLS09/07/2019 
6CSVSageSage Line 50V16+Sage Line 50 - .CSV27/02/2019 
22MS ExcelSageSage X32018Sage X3 201802/07/2019 
28MS ExcelSAPSAP B1SAP B1SAP B112/08/2019 
17MS ExcelVTVT Transaction+ 20182018VT Transaction+ 201824/04/2019 
27MS ExcelWinmanWinman V7V7Winman V725/07/2019 

If you keep your own records in MS Excel, Download Our MS Excel Template (here) and link our MS Excel Workbook to your MS Excel Workbook.

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